The Montessori method in the language area

Apr 18 , 2019


Lucy Clark

The Montessori method in the language area


The Montessori method in the language area is divided into several stages each of great importance to create a successful reading and writing process and the most important in a natural way for children.

Conversation stage:

Here the enrichment of the verbal and non-verbal vocabulary is stimulated, they develop order, concentration, respect for listening, stimulate moments of discussion, promote an oral reading model, the ability of self expression, develop auditory discrimination of sounds and words , practice with the rhymes beginning and ending sounds of the words

This process can be carried out in Montessori classrooms because there is a prepared environment for freedom of expression, it promotes communication in different ways with their classmates and teachers.

  • Objects to talk about and share
  • Stories
  • Conversations about photos
  • Drawing cards that tell a story
  • Objects that rhyme with each other


This area is elaborated based on cards and objects that will allow the mating taking into account shapes, colors, textures, sizes and logical sequences of the graphics.

The fundamental purpose when mating is to stimulate the visual, auditory and memory discrimination of the child. The brain will have the opportunity to interpret and classify the data, to generate an idea. These skills in the child's brain will take him to the first "reading" of data.

The mating cards allow the child to mature the concepts of memory, visual and auditory perception that will help him to encode and decode the letters of the alphabet later on.

  • Objects to play "my eyes see an object that begins with sound ..."
  • Match objects- object
  • Aparear Object - photo
  • Photo-photo
  • Roll of the alphabet

Sanding and writing letters:

The sandpaper letters and sand tray: help the child to represent a sound with a graphic form, ie the visual recognition of the letters, it is also the first correct idea of ​​how the directionality of the letters is. This material is important to introduce the first sound of objects.




Chalk and green chalkboard: this activity is a preparation for writing, acquire skill for trace, acquire the soft touch of the use of the pencil (position of the fingers), a correct posture to write, develop a fine motor coordination, as well as directionality of letters.  

Metallic forms or resaques: This is another way to introduce writing in children, stimulates the use of pencil, directionality of the writing of letters and numbers as well as good physical posture for writing. This is the way of introduction using colors, shapes but most importantly the imagination and the love of drawing and coloring.

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