Know us!

Hello and welcome to “Time to Play Toys”. My name is Soledad and I am a Mummy to two very beautiful boys, Oliver and Felipe, who were my inspiration for this company. Constantly on the look out for original, affordable and stimulating toys, I decided to launch my own online store, where everything I sell has been carefully selected and approved by me.

We sell toys for any age, to give children a way to be curious and creative, realizing their full potential!

I hope you enjoy with me!

Our mision!

Our mission is to provide the best of baby brands/products to the parents on market competitive rates with the convenience of home delivery.

Products that inspire open-ended thinking and encourage kids to see new possibilities, realizing their full potential!

Believe in free play: Children need the freedom and time to play.

Play promotes creativity & problem-solving, reveals passions, promotes a safe space for trial and error, and builds social and cognitive skills.

Let kids be kids

Find safe and adorable Toys for kids.

Start at home

Introduce babies to a world of imagination and wonder, right from the start.


Find toys that help kids express themselves creatively and come up with innovative approaches to their play!


Kids are sponges for learning! Inspire toddlers to explore their world with these stimulating toys. 

Special needs

Our range of Sensory & Special Needs Toys are safe, fun and build children's intellectual, physical and emotional skills. 


"The role of education is to interest the child profundly in an external activity to which he will give all his potential"

Maria Montessori

"Do not tell them how to do it. Show them how to do it and do not say a word. If you tell them, They will watch your lips move. If you show them, they will want to do it themselves".

Maria Montessori

"Play is the work of the child" Maria Montessori